Last Trip 10/26/15

27 10 2015

It never ceases to amaze how quickly my attitude can change with just the flick of a switch.  Unfortunately the change wasn’t a pleasant one.  When I arrive at work it started off as a normal Monday.  Just about everyone was talking about the Lions latest debacle while I got my Pepsi and headed to my desk.  While I was checking emails and running my daily bank reports I got a message from my boss.  The Senior accountant we hired in June just resigned and only gave one weeks notice.

Day ruined.

That means everything he did as part of our monthly process just became my responsibility again.  Looks like I’m going fishing tonight.  I had already planned on going out tonight but now I was contemplating making this my last trip for the year.  Daylight savings time is this weekend so evening trips are pretty much out.  It looks like I will be putting in a lot of late hours anyways.  That will leave only the weekends and right now I want to go Steelhead fishing more than Walleye fishing.  So it looks like that when I pull in tonight the motor will get put through winterize mode.

I hit the water around 6:30 pm and set up in my usual spot.  What was very clear and about 55 degrees, no surface weeds and from what I could see not much below the surface.  The wind was pretty much non existent and there was a full moon just barely starting to rise in the east.  I started off with all Rapala’s in sizes 11, 9, and 7.  As it turns out I would change lures constantly throughout the night.  I was hoping for a few fish but all I ended up with was one 22 inch male, my biggest fish of the year and I caught it on the smallest Rapala I ran all year.  Like I said before, it’s been a strange season.

Around 8:30 I decide to call it quits.  It had been a slow night and my heart really wasn’t in it.  I had fish for the winter and Steelhead fishing will be starting soon.  Once I tied off at the dock I put the engine through it’s winterize mode.  About a minute later it was done and I was pulling it out and heading for home.  There’s always next season.


10-26 walleye




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