Tying Bender

7 02 2017

During the last few months I tied a lot of flies to keep myself occupied.  I know some tie flies out of necessity but I do it more for relaxation.  It keeps me at peace and gives me something else to concentrate on.  These are all steelhead flies.  I have probably close to 400 steelhead flies now.  More than I will ever need.  I’m going to start selling some to help curb the cost of material replacement.


img_6207 img_6055 img_6201 img_6252 img_6261 img_6263 img_6311 img_6314 img_6315 img_6316

More to follow




4 responses

7 02 2017

nice camera work too…

7 02 2017

Thanks. Not bad for an iPhone.

19 02 2017
steve schoonover

Yep thats how it starts, nice little hobby, next thing you know your an addict. If you want to list them on the website let me know.

Nice looking work Mark!

19 02 2017

Thanks Steve, I’ll keep that in mind. I will probably start to slow down a bit. Getting close to walleye time.

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