A New Season

21 02 2017

These past few days of record breaking warm temperatures has most fishermen in my area in a frenzy.  Many are gearing up for the upcoming walleye season but it got me thinking, does the season ever really end?  I get that the annual walleye run only happens once a year (twice actually) but for the more diversified angler there is never an off season.

This morning I found myself back on the Huron River still searching for that unicorn.  These last few months have been difficult trying to land one steelhead.  A lack of fish and high water have made my efforts basically futile.  I keep trying though.  It beats sitting at home and counting the days till the walleye start up.  I’m sure there are a few out there now, there always are but I’m in no hurry.  The time will come when I will be able to catch them on a regular basis and I won’t have to fight the crowds to do it.  This should be the start of some great fishing for the next few years.  Successful hatches for the last three years have increased the western basin population so I’m optimistic.  In the mean time I’ll continue to chase unicorns and possibly some smallies or a carp or two for now.  I have time, all year as a matter of fact.  That’s the advantage of being a diversified angler and not a one trick pony.  I can fish open water pretty much all year.  That point really hit home when I bought my new Simms waders.  James, at Schultz’s outfitters, told me that after a few months of use they would send them back to Simms to pressure check them for leaks.  He told me when I have some down time and I wasn’t fishing to bring them back.  I gave him “the look” and he laughed and said “you’re right, what was I thinking”.

So good luck everyone, a new season is upon us, or for the more fortunate it is just a continuation.  Either way get out and enjoy it.


I was tossing one of these today. Had a hit on one on the St. Mary’s so I thought I would give one a try on The Huron. No luck this time around.





6 responses

28 02 2017

Love reading your blog. I am going to attempt handlining for the first time this year.

28 02 2017

Good luck. Any questions just ask.

28 02 2017

Oh boy you’re really asking for it 🙂 I have the general set up down for the rig down I think. My first question would be how do you determine what size weight to use? I have bought a couple of varying weights from local bait shops but I can’t really find one that explains exactly how to determine which one to use.

28 02 2017

There are two variables, depth and current speed. The deeper and stronger the current the more weight. Normally anything up to 20 feet I use a 1 1/4 pound weight. Over 20 feet a 1 1/2 pound weight. Amherstburg 1 3/4 because of the stronger current. Your wire has to maintain that 45 degree angle so adjust accordingly.

3 03 2017

What Area of the river would you recommend for a first time hand liner? I know the area in front of the steel mill is very popular but I don’t know when the fish start to show up there…

I have only been to the D river a dozen or so times in the last couple of years so I am really just starting vertical jigging and hand lining.

If you do end up doing a handlining seminar make sure to post the details, I would make the drive over for something like that.

Thanks a bunch,

3 03 2017

The only area I pull wire now is in the Trenton Channel. This area has both advantages and disadvantages. The area is shallow but it also has a lot of snags. It does hold a lot of fish all season long but it also eats equipment. Mid river is good but the water is deeper but the ramps shut down at dusk. You can launch at Elizabeth park and go north to the 13 & 14 bouys and fish just downstream and between them. No snags and about 25 feet of water. Just fish back and forth between the Channel edges until you figure out which edge they are hanging out on.

Sorry, I won’t be doing any seminars anytime soon. Haven’t been asked by anyone.

Fishing doesn’t really start to take off until the water temps get above 40 degrees. Usually mid April.

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