Really Quick Report

25 04 2017

Went out Monday evening (4/24/17).  Started at 9:00 pm and finished at 9:46 and 37 seconds.  Same area. Same routine.  Caught about a dozen of those other fish as well.

That is all.



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25 04 2017
Larry E.

Quick reply, Nice Job!

25 04 2017

So jealous. I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

25 04 2017

What speed do you try to maintain while handlining?

25 04 2017

When tacking left to right anywhere from 1 to 1.5 mph. Doing this it will take me an hour to go 100 yards upstream.

25 04 2017

Caught 3 more tonight. Called it a night when I got a bad tangle from a stupid fish.

27 04 2017

Caught a lot of the other fish last night then one decided to pay me back by burying a treble in my thumb. Luckly I have been having a lot better luck jigging. Got my limit this morning before the storm.

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