Time to get the boat ready.

9 04 2018

Not that it really needs a lot of attention already but since I just booked my airfare to Alaska I figured it was time.  Fortunately for me I keep my boat in the garage so it doesn’t suffer the winter abuse like other boats in storage.  Never ceases to amaze me how many people forget things or wait until the night before the first trip.  So without further adieu….

  • New Registration stickers
  • Charge Battery
  • Fresh Rec Gas (Ethanol free)
  • Start Engine
  • Check Trailer Lights
  • Boat Plug in
  • Put all the lures I bought over the winter, that I didn’t really need, away
  • New Leaders
  • New Shanks
  • Put new Snaps & Swivels away
  • Check Tire pressures
  • Grease Hubs

In total this should take me about a whole whopping 60 minutes to do.  I’ll probably complete all of it one night this week or Saturday afternoon after I’m done collecting bugs for The Friends of the Rouge Saturday afternoon.  Weather permitting I might go out for my trial walleye run Saturday evening.   Providing the weather cooperates and we actually get the warmer weather they are forecasting.  The never ending winter has to end sometime.  The fish are in, lot’s of eaters right now but they have been finicky because of the ever changing weather patterns.

It’s time.





10 responses

9 04 2018

I overlook the Detroit river at work, already a handful of boats out there.

10 04 2018
Willliam Heskett

Hello sir. Are you still doing the DWF meeting on the 16th? I’d like to attend and listen to your handline presentation. Where is the meeting held at and what time? Thank you for your time.


11 04 2018

Meetings are held at The Westfield Center on West road behind the Trenton Library at 7:00 pm.

16 04 2018
Eric Resh

Is this open to everyone?

If I have to join DWF can I just do it at the door?

16 04 2018


16 04 2018
Eric Resh

Great seninar. Learned a lot that I am going to put to use during my trip this year.

17 04 2018

Glad you enjoyed it. I skipped over so much stuff last night but I only had so much time. I did an all afternoon one years ago outdoors. Brought the boat and everything so people could see first hand how it all works. Ordered pizza, told jokes, got reports from Sparky while he was out fishing. It was a good afternoon.

17 04 2018
Eric Resh

Got a 24 inch fish in the trenton channel on the wire this afternoon. Taking a break to warm up then heading back out.

22 04 2018
Willliam Heskett

Hi Mark. I attended your presentation at the meeting. I enjoyed it very much and thank you for giving your time to help us all. I also got to fish with Mr. Sparkman a few times back when I was learning. He was a good person. I will miss him. One thing that I did not do (regrettably) and you did, was to measure his shanks and clevis placements. Would you mind sharing? Thanks so much.

22 04 2018

40/20/10 from the bottom of the shank.

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