Day – 1 Liftoff

16 08 2018

After several years of trying and two cancelled trips I finally made it to Alaska.  All during my initial Flight, of which there would be four, I kept thinking that this couldn’t be actually happening.  Especially since my first flight was an hour late.  Once I landed in Seattle I had to haul ass to the other end of the airport to catch my connecting flight to Anchorage.  They had already started boarding when I arrived but I made it with a few minutes to spare.  I even got a “Good Luck” and a fist bump from a TSA agent.  He originally gave me a stern and menacing look when he asked what was in my rod case.  He was probably thinking it might be a rifle.  I told him fishing rods and his whole demeanor changed.  From then on it was “where you going?”, “What are you fishing for?” and finally a Good Luck Fist Bump.

The flight itself was pretty uneventful.  Quiet time to read and an occasional look out the window at the scenery.

9 hours later and two different planes and I was finally in Anchorage.  Nothing left to do but get some sleep and fly out to King Salmon the following day.

Next up Day – 2, Arrival.





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16 08 2018
Kevin Kissel

Good luck

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