Weekend Walleye, Rain and Carp report.

28 10 2019

This past Saturday I made a quick walleye trip with a friend of mine.  It was going to be cold but it wasn’t supposed to start raining until the afternoon so it was now or never.  We started around 7:30 am in my usual spot.  Water was stained, no floating weeds and a surface temp of around 52 degrees.  Not much happened in the first hour but once the sun cleared the trees the walleye finally turned on.  It wasn’t fast and furious but we picked away at a two man limit for the next 90 minutes.  Actually, it did get kind of hectic a few times.  We ended up with several doubles that morning.  We even ended the trip on a double.  As one fish was being brought in I hooked one and landed it as well.  The smaller one went back and we were headed in.  Good thing too since the NE wind was starting to pick up and the skyline south of us was starting to darken up.  One other item of note was the amount of emerald shiners and and young of the year perch we were finding as we cleaned the fish.  The fish were all males and they appear to be gorging themselves on the available food source.

A river all to myself. Fall fishing is the best.

About an hour after I got the fish cleaned and the boat put away the rain started and it didn’t quit until well into the evening.  I heard that we were supposed to get about 2 inches of rain but I never did hear a final report.  All I know was that my rivers would be blown out so steelhead fishing the next day was out.

After I finished up with some family stuff in the morning I decided to go check on the rivers, just in case.  As expected they were really high and dirty.  As I was walking along I spotted a silt trail and saw a carp feeding in a flooded ditch connected to the river.  I slowly backed away and headed back to the car to get my carp stuff.  The carp were cruising around in shallow areas that were normally dry.  They were also on high alert and hard to sneak up on.  I did manage to spot one feeding on the opposite side of a log.  I cast my fly out past him and stripped it into range.  Once he saw it he spun towards it and sucked it up.  I set the hook and off he went.  I kept him as close to me as possible since he was in an area with a lot of blow downs.  Eventually he swam over a log and the fly scraped the log and came out of the fishes mouth.  Oh well, at least I fooled one when I wasn’t expecting to even see any.  I saw a few more after that but I couldn’t get any of them to go.  I may go back Tuesday and see if any are still around.  My hot spot was so flooded I didn’t even recognize it.  If the carp are still active I’m sure there will be a few in there.



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