Another Night, Another Limit.

11 05 2020

My original plan was to go out Sunday evening.  Mother Nature got her panties in a bunch and decided to make Sunday a miserable weather day.  Saturday was going to be my only option so once the wind died down I packed up and headed out.  Pretty much the same story as the rest of my trips.  Started after 9 and slowly picked away at the fish until I got my limit by 10:00 pm.  Fishing was definitely a bit slower tonight but the last two fish made up for it.  I have caught a few doubles this season but this one was a first.  At first I thought it was a bigger fish or a foul hooked one.  Lot’s of weight and not a lot of movement.  As it got closer I shined my headlamp onto the fish and I could see 4 eyes looking back at me.  I had two walleye on the same lure which, in 45 years of walleye fishing, was a first for me.  I flipped both of them in, which closed out my 6 fish limit, and headed for home shortly after that.

Water conditions are still very clear.  I have no idea what the temp is and was surprised to see only 3 other boats pulling wire.  With the way the fishing has been I expected a lot more.  Not that I mind, it’s a lot easier to stay on an active group of fish if I’m not dodging other boats.



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19 05 2020
John Oblak

Hey mark,john oblak,hopefully you remmeber me. Hope all is well. I have question. When its dirty water or cloudy a black bait works best for jigging. Have yo u ever tried a dark bait with dirty water. Im not ever sure other than black and silver or black and gold . I thought of maybe painting one all black myself.What are your thoughts?

19 05 2020

When the water is mud I do several things. I will use darker baits, I fish during the day and I also use baits with rattles in them. Bomber Long “A”s, Smithwick Rattlin Rogue’s and Thundersticks. Anything to help the walleye key in on the bait.

19 05 2020
John Oblak

Ok thx,are those baits floaters like raps? Or do they dive some

20 05 2020

They are floaters, hollow plastic bodies with beads bb’s inside. different action than a Rapala but still very effective and half the price.

25 05 2020
John Oblak


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