30 06 2020

As fishermen we all have those days where nothing goes right.  Whether it be from poor conditions or mental lapses it is going to happen.  Sunday night (6/28) was just one of those evenings.  I spotted several carp and I was able to cast to three of them effectively. They all swam up to take the fly and on every occasion I got twitchy and set the hook early.  Of course I missed every fish and they all swam off to find less intrusive water.  People relaxing in the park were probably contemplating calling the police to report some lunatic fisherman that was walking around and cursing, rather loudly, at himself.

The following night I sought redemption.  I know better than to get to anxious and to wait for the fly to disappear.  If I can still see the fly that means the carp didn’t eat it and I shouldn’t be setting the hook.  I repeated this to myself as I ventured off to my happy fishing grounds.  With the high water I went to a spot that floods out and it gives me a pretty shady and advantageous view of the river.  I climbed up on a log and leaned up against the tree and waited.  It didn’t take long and several fish moved into the area.  When one got close enough I dropped my fly ahead of him and he immediately charged it.  I thought he ate it but apparently he didn’t.  When i set the hook he was gone and my fly was in the tree.  He took off along with a couple of the fish that came with him.  While I scanned the area another fish had moved in and was feeding just out of range.  He had his back to me so I worked my way a little closer.  I tossed my fly out ahead of him and to the right.  He moved towards the fly and I waited. Once I saw the puff of silt I lifted up, felt the weight and drove the hook home.  At this point my main concern was keeping him from diving under the log I was standing on.  I jumped in the water and kept him away.  A few minutes later he was in the net and I was redeemed.

After that the area was pretty trashed so I just headed for home.  The humidity was terrible and I was dripping with sweat.  Not a bad way to end June and I still have about 4 months left to go.




2 responses

1 07 2020
David Fitch

Lol. When I read redemption, I thought you might have gotten skunked on walleye and got em the next evening. Nice job on the bone fish

1 07 2020

Skunked walleye fishing….you’re funny.

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