Weekend Walleye

6 10 2020

After a week’s worth of west winds I decided to give the walleye a shot Friday night. I was not disappointed. Got on the water at 6:30 pm. Water was clear and the weeds were at a minimum. One hour later I had 6 in the cooler with all the fish coming on my 40 foot lead and a #11 Bleeding Blue Shad. Water temp was 60 degrees.

Went back out again Saturday night for what I hoped would be a repeat. Started at 6:30 pm but I was delayed an hour. I spotted a boat paddling upstream so I pulled up and gave them a tow back to Elizabeth Park. After I dropped them off and got down to business. Water was still clear but the weeds were everywhere. I ended up getting my 6 fish limit but it took a few hours. Also lost 6 and threw back 6 that were too small. Caught the majority of the fish on my kicker with a #9 Bleeding Olive Rapala. Soem of the fish also had y.o.y. perch in their stomachs about the size of a #9 Rapala.

Sorry, no pictures. WordPress changed their posting format and I can no longer post any pictures. Probably have to pay a fee to do that now. If that’s the case this will be my last post.

Back to the Home Waters

1 10 2020

It’s weird being back on The Huron after fishing in Alaska.  When this guy started splashing around on the surface I looked behind me to see if one of those 1,000 pound brown furry things was going to show up.