18 and life to go.

28 08 2013

On August 28th 1995 my daughter was born at Oakwood hospital.   Now, 18 years later she is getting ready to start college.  Where did the time go?

Daddy’s little girl grew up and I feel like I missed something.  When she was younger she couldn’t wait to for me to come home from a hunting trip so she could have her picture taken with my catch.  Now she prefers to never hear about any of it.  She doesn’t even want to go fishing with me anymore.  Alex, the same girl who wanted to compete in the DWF tournaments just so she could show the “Old Guys” that she could catch walleye too.

Where did that girl go?

New Interests, New Friends, New Settings, New Boyfriends.  A father doesn’t stand a chance.  Now I know why parents can’t wait for grandkids.  That way they can do it all over again.

Happy Birthday Alex!!