Walleye Report 08/15/14

17 08 2014

After the record rain fall we received on Monday (8/11) I figured the river would have a little stain to it.  I told this to my friend Chris so we made plans to go out on his boat right after work.  I figured we could get our fish early because if the water was dirty we probably wouldn’t catch much after dark.  Sound theory but it didn’t work out the way I expected.  We hit the water around 6;30 pm and the water was still clear, 3 feet of visibility at least.  Oh well.  We started south of the blue boat house and worked our may north.  Weeds were pretty much non existent and the surface temp was still around 70 degrees.  I started off with a couple of spoons (Riley, Lucky GSC) and a #9 BCF Rapala.  Around 8 I caught a 22 inch male on the Lucky GSC Spoon.  That was our only walleye for the first 2 hours.  We did manage to catch a bunch of smallmouths, most of them dinks but I did pull in my first 20 incher for the year.  An old bruiser with lots of battle scars.  When I brought him into the boat he also spit up two gobies and a crayfish, the little pig.  Once it got dark I switched over to all Rapala’s.  Chris did the same but it didn’t matter.  He didn’t catch any walleye while I landed 3 more eaters.  Around 10:00 pm we both got hung up on the same snag and all our lines got tangled.  Chris had cut his thumb open as well so we called it quits.

We ended up with 4 walleye, One on a spoon, another on a #9 Blue/Silver Rapala and the other two on a #9 Bleeding Copper Flash Rapala.  Fellow Handliners Dave and Larry were out and they got 6 with an additional throwback.  Larry managed to land a 28 incher, on what I have no idea.  I just know the size.  Looks like fishing is picking up again and unfortunately my boat is still down.  Chris and I will probably give it another shot next weekend.  He has to make a few adjustments on his set up.  By the end of the night he figured out he was using 30/15 foot leads on a 40/2o inch shanks.  Lure were to far off the bottom for walleye but just right for little smallmouth.  No pictures tonight, I let Chris keep the fish.  Maybe next time.

Vacation Walleye 7/25/14

26 07 2014

Ah vacation time, nothing better.  Originally I was supposed to be boarding a plane with my Dad and brother for Alaska.  Unfortunately things happened and the trip was cancelled.  So now it’s on to Plan B, walleye.

Started out around 9;30 pm down on the lower river near the blue boat house.  It didn’t take long and my first walleye of the night was in the boat, too bad it was 14 31/32 inches long.  No biggie, where there is one there are more.  The weeds were tolerable, there was a nice breeze on the water and I pretty much had the place to myself.  It was going to be a good night so I got comfortable and went about my business.  I ended up staying out until about midnight and caught 3 more legal walleye before I called it a night.  All the fish, even the non-walleye species, all came on my 20 foot lead and a #9 Bleeding Copper Flash Rapala.  I tried other Rapala’s, spoons and pencil plugs but the only lure producing was that BCF.  At one point a coal barge came downstream with a delivery for the Edison power plant.  I thought that might screw things up when they tried to maneuver it into the dock but a pair of tugs carefully put her where she belonged without stirring up the water too much.  Weeds got a little thick for a bit but they quickly passed.  The only other item of note was that I caught another channel cat.  That gives me 2 for what I like to call my channel trifecta.  So far I have the cat and the musky, all I need now is a steelhead to complete it.

So that’s it for this trip.  Three walleye, one throwback, a channel cat and a couple of smallmouth’s.  Weeds were tolerable and the water is still ridiculously clear.  The water is clearer now than it was in the Spring.  I wish it would dirty up some.  I really want to fish in the daylight instead of after sunset.  Makes getting up in the morning difficult.

Next  up, panfish and brook trout from the Oscoda area.  Couldn’t get my Dad to Alaska so we are going to fish a little closer to home, his home anyways.


07-25-14 TC

End of July Quick Walleye Report

31 07 2013

Wen out both Monday (7/29) and Tuesday (7/30).  Monday night I was out with my friend Chris and we picked up 5 and lost 1.  Tuesday I was out with a Co-Worker and we caught 3.  Slow nights for sure.  Water is still gin clear, hardly any wind each night which made dealing with the bugs a pain.  Very few floating weeds which is understandable with the west winds we had for a few days.  PIcked up a couple of the fish just north of Calf Island in 20 feet of water.  The rest came from between the Catamaran and the Stacks.  One interesting difference from last Monday where i destroyed them to this week is the water level fluctuations and the temps.  Last Monday (7/22) when I launched the breakwall at Elizabeth Park was covered and by the time I got back 6 inches of it was exposed.  Monday and Tuesday of this week the break wall was covered in some areas.  Also, on the 22nd the surface temp was 78 degrees.  Last night it was 70 degrees.  What the temp is at the bottom of the river I have no idea but I’m wondering what that has done to the bite, along with all the boat traffic we had over the weekend with the FLW in town.  115 bass boats ripping up and down the channel can’t help matters much.  We didn’t catch as many Smallmouth Bass either but the ones we did get were some tanks.  Several in the 18 to 20 inch range and oh did they make a mess of things.

No pictures of the fish but here is a pic of the lures that caught them.


7/22/13 Evening Walleye

23 07 2013

Over the weekend handliner wannabe and avid walleye fisherman Tom contacted me with some questions about pulling wire.  His main objective was for me to come over and check out his boat to get my input on how to set it up.  I then offered to do him one better, I told him to meet me at Elizabeth Park Monday night and he can ask all the questions he wants while we fish.

By 8:00 pm we were on the water and setting lines.  He brought his own shanks/leaders and weights and after a few questions about leader lengths and spacing on the shank he was set up.

Rule of thumb here is for every inch up the shank from the top of the weight is equal to 1 foot of leader length.  For example a 20 foot leader should be attached to the shank 20 inches from the top of the weight.  If you have a factory shank that has clevises every 6 inches then the leaders should be 6,12,18,24,30 and 36 feet in length.  My suggestion was to run a 6, 18 and 36 length leaders if he wanted to run 3.

Not much happened for the first hour, only caught a couple of bass and 1 small walleye.  Once it got dark and that full moon cleared the trees things really started to take off but not the way I wanted.  We were losing fish on a grand scale.  At one point Tom and I made a pass through one area and we each had one on and lost both of them at the boat.  A few minutes later we each lost another one.  We kept at it though and by 10:30 we had 10 in the boat with 1 throwback and 6 lost fish.  They were hitting very light tonight, most times it felt like there was just extra weight.  I was even convinced that I hit a pile of weeds only to find a walleye dragging along the surface.  Tom got the big fish of the night, a 22 inch 3 1/2 pounder that he got on a #9 Jointed Bleeding Copper Flash Rapala.  All my fish came on a #9 SVSII, #7 Downriver Steel and a Riley Special Spoon.  I even caught a few walleye on the spoon after dark on the kicker lead.  Sometimes the standard rules of body baits after dark do not apply.  Also, as I was bringing in my lines a walleye hit my 40 foot lead just as I got my hand on it.  Either that walleye followed it all the way up or he was cruising just below the surface.  I wasn’t going to complain, he’s in the freezer now.

The water is still gin clear but the floating weeds were a bit of a hassle.  We could dodge most of them while it was light out but after dark it was problematic.  Surface temp was 78 degrees with a South wind between 5 and 10 mph.  Like I said earlier there was a full moon out and clear skies.  Only drawback was the bugs, annoying little things.  All of the fish came from an area just north of the Catamaran on the Grosse Isle side of the river.  We worked the area pretty hard until we boated our 10th fish.

No pics this time.  I sent Tom home with his 5 and mine are sitting on ice until I can clean them after work.

FYI……the FLW trailer was in the lot at Elizabeth Park so that means lots of bass boats real soon.

Also, when we arrived the break wall was under water, when we got back we could see the top of it.  The water on the river had dropped 6 inches in just over 2 hours.  That’s a lot of water moving downstream.

Happy Weedsday

25 10 2012

My apologies to Winnie the Pooh and all the other inhabitants of the 100 acre wood but it seemed appropriate. 

I was able to get out of work Wednesday (10/24/12) at a decent time so I took advantage of the wonderful weather and headed to the river.  By 6:45 pm I was on the river with lines in the water.  The water was clear with a surface temp of 56 degrees.  The winds were out of the south and very light with a clear sky above me.   Word must be getting out about the fishing because there were a few new boats on the water tonight. 

Not much happened at first but once I got near the “Cat” I had my first fish on for the night.  After I got him in the cooler I spun back around and went through the same spot.  I quickly hooked into another fish but he was barely hooked and I lost him right at the stern of the boat.  I made a few more passes through the area but no takers so I kept on moving north.  By now the sun had set and evening was slowly taking over.  I hooked into another fish but I also lost this one at the boat.  This was starting to get frustrating but it happens.  I can deal with a lost fish here and there but the onslaught of the weeds was more than I cared to deal with.  For the rest of the night I was constantly clearing weeds off my lines.  My lures spent more time out of the water than in it.  At one point I became so frustrated I let out a scream of obscenities that I’m sure was heard all the way down to Gibraltar.  I was still able to pick up a few fish here and there but after an hour of this I seriously debating heading in.  As I was mulling over what to do next I hooked and landed my biggest fish of the night, a 24 inch 4 pounder.    That made up my mind for me and I decided to stick it out a little while longer.  As I was dropping my lines down I got a hit and reversed gears and brought them up with the fish.  Number 4 was in the box and I was on my way to filling my limit.  About 10 minutes later I was clearing lines once again when I had another hit on my kicker while the lure from my 20 foot lead was in my hand.  I quickly released it and brought in my 5th for the night.  I had been thinking that some of the fish might be suspended and it looks like I was right.  Three of the fish I caught tonight were while I was setting lines down or checking them for weeds.  Also, I shortened my kicker to less than 5 feet and I trimmed about 3 feet off of my middle lead which was now only 17 feet long.  The only lead I didn’t change was my 40 footer and I didn’t catch anything on that one.  Next time out I may have to try a shorter leader on my 40 inch clevice or maybe hook it up near the wire snap swivel. 

Final tally for the night was 5 in the box, 3 lost, 1 throwback and everything came on my short leaders.  7 fish came on the kicker and the #7 Bleeding Olive and the other 2 on the 17 foot lead (20 inch clevice) and a #9 Bleeding Copper Flash Rapala.  Looks like I will be stocking up on these 2 lures over the winter. 

Once I pulled lines a little after 9 I ran up alongside of my friends Richard and Mark to see how they were doing.  They had 3 and were just about as fed up with the weeds as I was.  The 3 fish they had all came on their kicker leaders as well.  Found out later that 3 other people I know took home some fish as well.  Leo and Tom caught 10 and Larry ended up with 3. 

There are a lot of nice fish in the river right now. 

Weedsday Walleye

Dad’s Turn 10/21/12

22 10 2012

As expected my Dad hung around for another day so he could take advantage of the walleye fishing.  We went out at the same time I did the night before and it didn’t take long before we had 3 in the boat.  I started to think we were going to have an easy night but as the sun set so did the fish.  We fished for 2 more hours and only boated 2 more walleye.  It was still a nice night out.  It was windy at first but once it got dark the south west wind died done to nothing. 

Couple of things we noticed last night was there was a lot of activity before sunset from the gulls.  There were a fair number of them flying around and dive bombing the surface.  They weren’t really concentrated and we couldn’t see what they were going after.  We assumed they were chasing minnows but couldn’t get any physical proof.  When they do this in the Spring it’s becasue the Silver Bass are pushing the minnows up to the surface.  There is no mistaking that.  Another thing we noticed was that the water was starting to cloud up.  I could see the prop on my boat but the water is definitely getting a little dirtier.  That might explain why the fishing slowed down so much after dark.  Who knows?

So we started at 6 by Calf Island and finished up at 8:45 pm when both of my Dad’s leads got all tangled up.  He was trying to undo the mess when I told him to just wad it all up and toss it in the bucket.  I pulled my lines shortly after that.  I had 5 more fish to clean and we both needed to get some sleep.  I had to work and he had to make the long drive back to Oscoda in the morning.  I caught the first fish on a #9 Bleeding Copper Flash Rapala and my Dad caught the next two on a Clown Smithwick.  I ended up catching the last two, one on the Bleeding Copper Flash and the other on a #11 Fire Tiger Rapala.  Surface temp is still around 54 degrees and no flaoting weeds but there were plenty of them drifting by below the surface to foul the lures. 

No pictures tonight, I was in a hurry to get fish cleaned and get to bed.