Double Up

25 04 2019

Went back out Wednesday night (4/24) with handlining Padawan Steve.  I took him out a couple of years ago to teach him how to pull wire.  He contacted me about a week ago asking if he could tag along on another trip.  He bought a new boat and it isn’t set up yet for this.  We made arrangements to meet at my house around 7:30 pm and from there we headed to Elizabeth Park.

The water had cleared up some more and rose from yesterday.  Clouds were overcast but I still figured nothing was really going to happen until after sunset.  We set up in the same area I caught my fish last night and got started.  I was running the same lures from the previous night and I set Steve up with a 30/15 shank.  He picked out a #11 Bleeding Shad and a #9 Blue/Silver Rapala.  The last time we went out I started off catching all the fish and then Steve caught up.  This time it was the other way around.  Around 8:00 pm Steve caught the first fish and by 8:45 he would add three more.  He had just asked me if I was sand bagging so he could catch the fish and then I caught the next five.  As I was pulling in my lines Steve hooked and landed his fifth fish of the night.  By 9:15 pm we were all done and headed in.  Can’t complain about an easy night like that.

As I said earlier the water was clearing up.  I would guess visibility was over two feet or more.  Skies were overcast with winds out of the south.  They bounced us around pretty well when we started but they slowly started to subside.  Don’t know what the water temp was, I still haven’t replaced my sonar unit.  Two of the fish I caught were somewhat strange.  I caught both of them on my 40 foot lead while it was draped over my shoulder and running on the surface.  The first time happened when I was checking lines.  The second hit while I was landing one on my kicker.  Just as I got the fish in the boat another walleye hit my long lead.  I’ve had that happen before, on rare occasions, but never twice in one night.

Until next time, which will probably be next week.  Hope the other fish hold off for another week.


10/26/12 Friday Night Walleye

27 10 2012

While I was cleaning up the boat and putting stuff away last Wednesday Richard and Mark were pulling into the dock.  We chatted for awhile and Richard told me about what a hard time he was having putting any fish in the boat.  He had done well all summer but ever since the cold weather set in he has been snake bit.  I told him I would take him out Friday night and he asked if we could go out in his boat.  That wasn’t a problem for me so we made plans to meet back here at the ramp that night at 6:30 pm.

Once I got home from work I grabbed my stuff (at least I thought I did) and headed for Elizabeth Park.  Right when I pulled in I realized I forgot my reel and shanks.  Good thing for me that Richard had an extra reel and shank.  I would have to use an A&S reel instead of my Schaller but it was going to be dark out and no one would notice.  Me forgetting my shanks turned out to be a good thing.  Since we were going to try and figure out why Richard wasn’t catching anything it was best that I use his set-up.  If I didn’t catch anything then we would know it was the shank.  If I did catch something then we would have to look elsewhere.  About 5 minutes in we soon realized we would have to look elsewhere.   About 30 minutes later I had 5 in the cooler with one of them being a 26 inch 6 pounder.  Richard changed lures to size 7 and 9 Rapala’s like I was catching my walleye on.  It didn’t seem to matter, still no fish.  I started asking questions.  Did he change leader material?  How about he length of the leads? Different weights? I knew the shank was alright but was he using the right clevice?  I even asked if he changed out the hooks on his lures and put on bigger ones?  He hadn’t changed anything but it was now 8:00 pm, I had caught 8, threw back 1 and lost 2.  Richard had yet to even have a hit. We fished for awhile longer and I spent more time watching what Richard was doing instead of actually fishing.  Eventually he did  catch a walleye around 8:30 pm.  About 20 minutes later he had another one on a jointed lure he painted himself.  It was now close to 9 and I had to get going so we pulled lines and headed towards the dock.  We ended up with 9 and threw back one that was a borderline 15 inch fish.  While we were putting stuff away and getting the boat secure we took pictures and talked more about how the evening progressed.  I gave Richard one of my 1 1/4 pound weights to see if that would make a difference over his 1 1/2 pound weights.  I also suggested using size 2 30 pound snaps.  My last suggestion was for him to drag the weight a little more and not keep it off the bottom so much.  Most of the fish I caught hit as I lowered my hand back.  None of the fish hit as I was pulling forward.  He said he would give it all a try, hopefully it works out.  I hate to see anyone not catch anything, especially with the kind of hours he puts into this.

Final tally for the night was 9 fish from 15 to 26 inches for a total weight of 28 pounds.  Water was clear and the weeds were not an issue.  Even the north wind laid down around 8 and it really wasn’t that cold out.  It actually turned out to be a near perfect night.  All my fish came on Bleeding Series Rapala’s….Olive, Copper Flash and Blue Shad.  Richard picked up one on a #7 Clown and a custom painted jointed  body bait.