They’re Baaaaacccccckkkkkkkk!!!! 6/27/14 Walleye

29 06 2014

In the immortal words of the great philosopher Si Robertson;

It’s On Like Donkey Kong, Jack!!

Hit the water again on Friday 6/27 to see if I could improve on my catch from last weekend.  I was hoping the extra week would give what few remaining %^$# Bass were left a chance to leave and for some Erie walleye to move back in.  With very little rain and almost no winds I expected the water to be clear so I didn’t even get on the water until after 8.  It was going to be a clear night so I didn’t see the need to rush.  I might pick up a couple before dark but I didn’t expect it to get good until after 10:00 pm.

As I was heading downstream I saw my friend Larry so I pulled up to see how he was doing.  No walleye yet but he didn’t catch any of those other things either.  Of course now that he said it we were going to catch them.  There was one other boat out as well and I didn’t recognize it at first.  Later that evening I got closer and it was Dave going solo.  He told me earlier in the week he was supposed to take a friend out but he couldn’t make it.  I started fishing down at the north end of Calf Island with all spoons, the same ones I used last Sunday.  About 30 seconds later number one was in the boat, a nice lightly colored, fresh from Erie, 17 inch fish.  Hot Damn!!  I putt putted around the area for the next hour without another hit except for the occasional rock bass, smallmouth bass and %^$# bass, thanks Larry.  During that time I swapped spoons around in different sizes, styles and colors trying to find something that would trigger a strike.  I did manage to pick up one more eater before dark and it too came on the same spoon on my kicker lead.    Once 10 o’clock rolled around I swapped out the spoons for some pencil plugs and a #7 Black holographic Rapala on my kicker.  I figured with the clear water that maybe something a little less colorful might do the trick.  It did, sometimes it helps to be a little lucky.  Within the next hour I picked  up 3 more fish, all on my kicker and the #7 Black Holographic Rapala.  They only thing I caught on the Pencil Plugs was a %^$# bass that forgot he is supposed to be back out in Lake Erie terrorizing the crawler harness gang.

So by 11 I was heading for home which was fine with me.  With no wind to keep the bugs at bay I was happy to get off the water.  Every time I turned my headlamp on they would be all over me.  I was fishing on borrowed time anyways, the bracket for my reel cracked and it was only a matter of time before it broke completely.  As a matter of fact it did back in the parking lot while I was taking it off the boat.  Still it was a nice night on the water.  At one point a caravan of vintage Mustangs went down River Road on Grosse Isle and Wyandotte had their firework display that night.  Water was very clear and a fair share of weeds, not any big mats but just a lot of little pieces floating around.  None of the stringy green mossy stuff.  No clouds and no moon so it was very dark.  Hard to see anything on the surface but I would know it when I hit a clump of weeds.  The best thing though is the fact that some new fish have moved into the system.  Hopefully they will stick around all summer and this year won’t be a repeat of last year.


16 to 20 inches long Eaters.

16 to 20 inch long Eaters.

Broken Bracket

Hard to believe sometimes the fishery we have here in the shadow of Edison.  Thanks for the pic Dave.

Hard to believe sometimes the fishery we have here in the shadow of Edison.



6/8/12 Trenton Channel

9 06 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 06/08/12 9:15 to 12:15
Water Temp: 65 Degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Weather: Clear
Wind: Calm
Water Depth: 13 feet
Presentation: Handlining 40/20/6
Lures: #11 Bleeding Chartreuse, #9 Blue & Silver, Metallic Blue Spoon

Well I thought I would go out tonight and see if the Silver Bass were still around. Much to my dismay they still are. I took me almost 20 minutes to get all my lines set and down. Every time I threw a lure out a Silver would grab it off the surface. Eventually I was able to get everything set and start fishing.  The Silver Bass really never did slow down. I would go for a couple of minutes without catching one but it never lasted long. The majority of them were really small as well. Most around 10 inches and even smaller. It’s been over a month now, they should be heading back out into Lake Erie any time.

Around 9:45 pm I caught my first walleye, a nice 23 inch male. I caught him on my kicker lead with a metallic blue spoon. In the next 30 minutes I picked up two more. I tried to stay in the area but I kept losing track of where I was as I was fighting the Silver Bass. I was determined to get a fourth so I kept at it for a few more hours. It was a clear calm night and I was in no big hurry to head in. Around midnight the Silvers really started biting again and I just gave up.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much. I did catch 3 walleye and all it cost me was a little gas. I didn’t have to pay to launch and I didn’t lose any lures. I didn’t get rained on or run off the river by lightning either. No bugs, except for the few mayflies that were on my Jeep back at the launch area.  Better times are ahead, the Silver Bass won’t stick around forever.  Then it will be the Smallmouth Bass.

The only 3 walleye in the river that are faster then the Silver Bass

Weeds, Bugs, White Bass and Walleye

29 05 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 05/28/12 9:45 pm to 11:00 pm
Water Temp: 67 degrees
Water Clarity: Don’t know….it was dark out
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Wind: SW 5 to 10 mph
Water Depth: 13 feet
Presentation: Handlining 40/20
Lures: #11 Bleeding Chartreuse

It had been almost a month since the last time I pulled wire. The worst White Bass invasion I can remember has done a good job of keeping me off the water. All I have been hearing is fishermen catching more white bass than anything else. Even out in Lake Erie people are reporting that you need to take twice as many crawlers as necessary because of all the white bass and white perch. I figured I would give it a shot tonight and see what happens. I purposely waited until after dark hoping that would keep the undesirables at bay. It helped but the white bass were still around. I was catching most of them on my kicker with a #9 Rap so after the 6th one the kicker got chucked into the bucket. That slowed down my white bass catch but tonight I had other problems to deal with. Tonight it was weeds, bugs and eventually lightning that made my night a challenge.

When I first started out there wasn’t much of a breeze. This was welcome since I had been watching SW winds over 20 mph all day long. Since there was no breeze this kept the bugs all around my stern light. Eventually a breeze did pick up and it kept the bugs at bay. I wish the breeze would have pushed the weeds out as well. The floating weeds kept me working to clear lines more than I was fishing. I should have known this would be a problem with all the holiday weekend boat traffic. I decided to tough it out for a while anyways. I had the next morning off so I could stay out as long as I wanted. Mother Nature had other ideas though. Shortly after I picked up my first walleye the lightning started to fire up off to the west. A quick check of the radar on my I Phone and I could see storms developing from Monroe all the way up to Detroit. Time to get off the water since aluminum boats and lightning don’t mix.

I did manage to pick up one walleye and it is evident that the white bass are starting to thin out. Temps are supposed to drop back down into the 60’s by the weekend so that should keep the weekend boaters off the water. I will give it another try then.

Only walleye of the night. I doubt I was going to lose him, all 3 hooks in the mouth and he hit it sideways.