Fermi Fish 6/16/12

17 06 2012

Well after a whopping 4 hours of sleep I was up and getting ready to go walleye fishing once again. My original plan was to go pull wire in the river but an e-mail to my friend Jerry changed that. Earlier in the week I e-mailed him to see if he was going handlining as well Saturday morning. He and Mike were planning on making the run to Fermi and he asked me if I wanted to join them. I accepted of course. I don’t have a boat that can make that run so I have to depend on other people to go. So after a quick stop at the donut shop I was on my way to Gibraltar.

Once we finished loading the boat we were on our way and shortly afterwards our morning trip took a turn for the worse. Just as we cleared the canals Jerry lost power steering on his boat. We pulled the engine cover and sure enough the power steering and water pump belt broke. We limped back to the dock while Jerry figured out what to do next. Once we were home Jerry hopped into his truck to see if the local Marine shop was open. As he was driving there he saw the owner walking down the road. The two of them drove up to the shop and 10 minutes later we were installing a new belt. Problem solved.

Once again we were on our way out into Lake Erie. Jerry and his friend Tom pulled a 2 man limit the other day in front of the Fermi Nuclear plant so we were heading there first. We set up in about 20 feet of water and start to troll into the wind towards the Bell Buoy. We set up 6 lines on planer boards with 1 ½ ounce in line weights and crawler harnesses in various colors 30 to 35 feet back. Pink, purple and chartreuse were the predominate color combinations. We also ran two rods with 4 ounce bottom bouncers off the side with crawler harnesses as well. One of those rods produced the first fish, unfortunately it was a channel cat.

Keeping the boards in a line like this helps to determine if one is fouled or has a fish. If something is wrong the board will drift back.

The action was slow at first with the occasional white perch or silver bass being the only thing caught. Eventually we did catch a walleye or two but it was nothing to get excited about. Jerry switched tactics up a bit and swung the boat around so the waves would be on our stern. We started to troll towards Estral Beach and we soon began to pick up some fish. Flags began to start dropping and boards were drifting back from the line. This continued for the next few hours and we slowly began to fill the cooler. When we weren’t brining in fish we were swapping out harnesses that weren’t producing and replacing them with a different color. We never did find the one color that out produced everything else but at least we were catching fish. From what we were picking up on the radio it seems like it was slow for a lot of people.

Our Captain, hard at work.

Around noon Jerry told us to pull lines. He had to be at his grandson’s graduation party this afternoon so it was time to go. We ended up with 12 in the cooler and 3 throwbacks. Not bad considering we got a late start and almost didn’t make it out at all. Once we were back at the dock we quickly put things away and secured the boat. Mike and I cleaned the fish so that Jerry could get ready for his party. Overall it was a great morning. We caught fish for the club fish fry next Monday and other than the belt we didn’t have any other bad incidents. Hopefully the fish stick around long enough so I can get another shot at them.

Cooler Shot