Steelhead Flies

18 01 2015

Now that I am a Swinger I of course have to tie up some flies.  These flies are nothing like anything I have tied before.  They don’t even use a traditional hook.  They are tied on a Senyo Articulated Shank which is just that, a shank with a loop on the back end and an eyelet up front.  The hooks are attached to a loop of 30 pound Fireline that is tied on to the shank.  The rest of the fly is all flash, lots of flashabou and materials to help fluff it out and create a larger profile in the water.  These are some of my first ones and the have been a little skimpy on the flash.  I’ll get it figured out eventually.  Just like anything else new……practice, practice, practice.


Fly 1 Fly 2 Fly 3 Fly 4