Sculpin Time.

9 06 2015

I started tying up Sculpins the other day.  Why may you ask?  Very simple…..


Actually, in this case they are for Smallmouth Bass but I’m sure a Steelie wouldn’t turn his nose up on one of these.  This particular pattern was an alteration of a pattern by the people at Fly Fish Food.  As usual I didn’t have all the materials they used so I improvised.  Tying them on an inverted hook proved to be a little painful.  Those Daichi hooks are sharp.  If you look closely at the fly in the lower left hand corner you will notice a dark red spot on the head.  Yeah that’s my blood. I’m going to start putting eraser tips on the hook point while I tie these.  I’m going to give them a try this weekend up at Sanford Lake.  I have a graduation party to go to at 4:00 pm so that will leave me plenty of time to fish.