Vacation Walleye Day 1

29 04 2013

This Monday marks the first week long vacation I have taken in almost 5 years.  Normally I take a lot of 4 day weekend vacations but this time around I decided to take a whole week.  The original plan was to fish for a few days then act as chaperone for my Daughters Senior trip.  Her trip was cancelled so I decided to take the whole week anyways.  After the way the tournament went I began to question my decision.  I was hoping to catch a bunch of walleye but after last weekend I wondered if I was going to catch any.

Well I know for sure I won’t get anything sitting at home so I got up bright and early this morning and hit the river.  I thought if I got out there before sunrise I might get a few walleye before the Silver Bass wake up.  Well turns out I was sort of right.  Problem was the walleye didn’t wake up either.  I started at 6:30 but I didn’t get my first fish until 8:00 am.  I should have known, the water was still dirty and with no sunlight nothing was going to happen anytime soon.  Still I kept at it and by the time 10:30 am rolled around I had 5 in the boat.  It was a long morning but I got to see a few things I normally don’t see down their to keep me occupied.  Just after sunrise I watched a mink run up and down the bank on Grosse Isle.  He was probably looking for an easy meal.  Normally I see them on the Trenton side but never running over someone’s park bench on the island.  Later on I spotted an Osprey circling overhead.  I had seen one last year but he didn’t stick around for long.  I’m curious to see how long this one stays.  Sure do wish he liked cormorants.

Not for the vital statistics.  Like I said earlier the water is still dirty and the surface temp was 47.5 degrees.  Not much of an increase from Saturday.  Winds were non existent today which was a nice change of pace.  I started off running #11 GFR, #9 Bleeding Olive and a #7 Clown.  My first 3 fish came on the clown so I eventually swapped out the #9 for a #7 GFR.  My last two came on the #7 GFR.  Normally I like to run the big baits but I do what the fish want.  I did catch one 14 1/2 incher on a Smithwick Rattlin’ Rouge but all the keepers came on the smaller baits.  I only caught 3 of the fish that shall not be named.  I was worried that I would get more since the early remnants of the tri-hull navy had started to show up in the Edison discharge.  They were pulling those things in left and right.  Won’t be too much longer and they will infest the whole river system.

Hopefully day 2 will go as well.  At least I will sleep in a little later.

4-29-13 TC