6/27/18 Walleye

28 06 2018

After almost a two month hiatus from walleye catching I decided to get back out on the river last night.  That and my supply in the freezer is getting dangerously low.  My original plan was to not even leave the house until after 9:00 pm but overcast clouds and a favorable report, from the day before, changed my mind.   I should have stuck to my original plan.  Double digit NW winds and rain made the first hour pretty miserable.  Throw in some of those other fish still being around and I was really questioning why I decided to go out.  I at least had a nice view for awhile.

Eventually the rain stopped and the wind died down enough to where I could concentrate more on fishing instead of fighting the elements.  The action wasn’t fast and furious but I was able to catch my 5 fish limit by about 10:00 pm.  There was no particular pattern that out performed the other.  Every lure and lead caught fish from the smallest Rock Bass to an 18 1/2 inch pissed off Smallmouth.

I ended up with 10 walleye tonight and released 5 that were borderline legal.  I was catching some better fish compared to the Spring so I was getting picky, even though conditions were tough.  All throughout the night the Other Fish were pushing the minnows to the surface while the gulls and tern dive bombed them from above.  Several times I was right in the middle of it with minnows jumping and predator fish boiling within feet of me.  It would have been a lot of fun if I had my 5 wt in my hand instead of wire.  I was there to catch walleye anyways and they were on the feed as well.  Every one I caught had Emerald Shiners or Gobies in their stomachs.  Not to surprising to see this.  After the Other Fish run winds down the resident walleye seem to go on a feeding binge.  Probably since they no longer have to compete with millions of other minnow eaters.

Despite the wind and rain the water was in good shape.  The water is clear and very few floating weeds.  Not very many mayfly husks on the surface either.  I never did take a temperature reading but the level is still way up.  The breakwall at Elizabeth Park is still under water but it looks likes they put out some new markers.  I’m sure a few members of the Tri-Hull navy ran aground during the Other Fish run.  Temps are supposed to jump into the 90’s for the next few days and with it being The 4th of July weekend I’ll be staying off the water.  I need to run up to my Mom’s anyways to take care of some chores.  I’ll be at it next week some night.  It’s going to be a great summer of walleye fishing.



Dad’s Turn 10/21/12

22 10 2012

As expected my Dad hung around for another day so he could take advantage of the walleye fishing.  We went out at the same time I did the night before and it didn’t take long before we had 3 in the boat.  I started to think we were going to have an easy night but as the sun set so did the fish.  We fished for 2 more hours and only boated 2 more walleye.  It was still a nice night out.  It was windy at first but once it got dark the south west wind died done to nothing. 

Couple of things we noticed last night was there was a lot of activity before sunset from the gulls.  There were a fair number of them flying around and dive bombing the surface.  They weren’t really concentrated and we couldn’t see what they were going after.  We assumed they were chasing minnows but couldn’t get any physical proof.  When they do this in the Spring it’s becasue the Silver Bass are pushing the minnows up to the surface.  There is no mistaking that.  Another thing we noticed was that the water was starting to cloud up.  I could see the prop on my boat but the water is definitely getting a little dirtier.  That might explain why the fishing slowed down so much after dark.  Who knows?

So we started at 6 by Calf Island and finished up at 8:45 pm when both of my Dad’s leads got all tangled up.  He was trying to undo the mess when I told him to just wad it all up and toss it in the bucket.  I pulled my lines shortly after that.  I had 5 more fish to clean and we both needed to get some sleep.  I had to work and he had to make the long drive back to Oscoda in the morning.  I caught the first fish on a #9 Bleeding Copper Flash Rapala and my Dad caught the next two on a Clown Smithwick.  I ended up catching the last two, one on the Bleeding Copper Flash and the other on a #11 Fire Tiger Rapala.  Surface temp is still around 54 degrees and no flaoting weeds but there were plenty of them drifting by below the surface to foul the lures. 

No pictures tonight, I was in a hurry to get fish cleaned and get to bed.