Tag Team Walleye Fishing, 7/11/18

12 07 2018

Last week I contacted my friend Jerry to tell him I had more items to donate to The Bedford Lions Club.  I asked if he would be at The Bait & Tackle Box Sunday so I could drop them off.  He told me he wouldn’t but told me to come over Wednesday night for dinner and then we could go walleye fishing afterwards.

Works for me.

So after a quick burger I grabbed my gear and we headed towards his dock.  It’s really nice having a friend who lives on the Gibraltar Canals sometimes.  After a short trip out of the canal we were out on the main river and setting up by Horse Island.  Jerry wanted to try there first to work the edge of the weed bed on the west side of the river.  I set up with my usual #9 Rapalas and a black/silver spoon.  Jerry started off with a spoon and a f-7 Flatfish tipped with a crawler.  The plan was to try here first but if the weeds got to bad we would mover farther upstream.  Needless to say the weeds were horrendous so we didn’t stay long.  I did manage to pick up a pair though and one dink.  After my second keeper Jerry told me to keep my lines in because we were heading north.

Once we reached the second spot Jerry swapped out his flatfish for a Rapala and got down to business.  The weeds were pretty much non-existent and the water was very clear.  As we worked our way upstream we slowly picked away at the fish.  Nothing hot and heavy but we were consistently putting fish in the cooler, when we weren’t losing them.  For most of the night we were getting a fair number of those 1 or 2 second head shakes and then nothing.  I even had a few that were hard hits and then nothing.  At one point we both had it happen, at the same time, we both threw our lines back and we both had another hit.  Mine was a keeper while Jerry’s turned out to be a throwback.  As the sun set fishing began to pick up but by 10:00 pm Jerry wanted to call it quits.  He has problems seeing after dark so he wanted to get home.   As he was putting his lines away I was in the process of landing number 8.  Just as I threw it in the cooler I heard Jerry yell out.  He accidentally buried a hook in his finger right along the nail.  I helped him cut the line and get the lure out of the way so he could try and get it out.  It was no use, the barb was under the nail and he would have to go into the hospital to have it removed.  Once I got my and his stuff put away we hauled ass back to his  house.  After we got into the marina I called his wife to let her know what happened.  The hook was in his left hand and he writes left handed so Jerry needed her to fill out paperwork.  Not the way he wanted to spend the rest of his evening but what are you gonna do?  Once we got back to his dock I tied the boat down and got everything put away while he got ready to go to the hospital.  He told me to take the fish which I gladly did.  I thanked him for the trip, asked if there was anything else he needed me to do and then told him I would catch up with him tomorrow.  You got to appreciate a fishing buddy that invites you out, lets you keep the fish and deals with a hook in his finger and still says he had a good time.


Weekend Report

14 10 2013

Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner but passing a kidney stone sucks.

Started off Friday evening down in the channel.  I was on the water by 7:01 and by 7:02 I had my first bass.  Oh Joy!!  Fortunately he was one of very few tonight.  Unfortunately the weeds were terrible, AGAIN!!  I should have known, south east winds all week were not going to help the situation.  The one big difference between this trip and the prior one was that I caught 2 walleye.  It took me 3 1/2 hours to do it but at least I got some.  Had a few head shakes and a couple of those were actually foul hooked fish.  On two different occasions my #9 Bleeding Copper Flash Rapala had scales on the hook.  The fish are down there, just need to figure out what they want to eat.  Friends Larry and Dave were out as well and they ended up with two also.

Saturday I was out collecting bugs for the HRWC (report to follow later).

Went out again Sunday morning for a different plan of attack.  I launched at LEMP and started by Celeron Island.  That proved futile so I moved up to the Horse Island Channel markers where I also caught nothing.  From there it was out to the front of Humbug marine where I again caught nothing.  Made a pass in front of Calf Island and caught (wait for it) nothing.  Went up to the Cat where I proceeded to catch more bass and another channel cat.  I would really like to know what has prompted them to move into the river the last few years.  The good thing was the the weeds weren’t much of an issue this morning.  Just no fish.  I talked to my friend Jerry later and he caught a 6 pounder on Saturday morning.  So it’s not just me, everyone I have talked to has had the same results.  The water temps need to drop about 5 to 10 degrees.  A little stain to the water might help some too.  Five feet of visibility is a bit much.

Spent Sunday night at Heritage hospital passing a 5mm kidney stone.  If you have never gone through this trust me you don’t want too.  This isn’t the first time I have had to deal with it and I hope to never have to again.

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