4/30/18 Walleye and breaking in a Padawan Grasshopper.

1 05 2018

To say the fishing has been outstanding these last few weeks would be an understatement.  Easy limits have been the norm and the only problems has been the weather.  Last night was no exception, it was warm out out but the SW wind I could have done without.  Didn’t matter though, I had a new fisherman on my boat and he was determined to catch his first walleye.  Kyle bought a boat about a month back and after several goose eggs he really wanted to know what he was doing wrong.  Everyone around him was catching fish and all he was doing was losing jigs.  After several unsuccessful trips I told him we could go out Monday night (4/30) and I will try and help him out.

We started off in a deeper water area that didn’t have a lot of snags.  I figured this would be a good area to let him jig and I can show him the importance of an electric motor and boat control.  We made one long drift down the channel from Rotary Park all the way to Elizabeth Park.  We didn’t catch anything but he didn’t lose any jigs either.  Kyle did get hung up a few times and I showed him what to do when he does.  The best way I have found to deal with a snag, while using Fireline, is to just point the rod towards the snag and hold onto the spool.  The jig is either going to come free or snap the line.  After a few snags he started to get the hang of it.  After that long drift we moved to another area.  We made two more drifts and towards the end of the second one he finally hooked a fish.  A minute later his first walleye was in the net.  I’d say he was a happy camper.

By now the sun was starting to set so it was time to put the rods away and get the Schaller Trolling reels into action.  Since Kyle had never done this before and really had no idea what it was about I set him up with one leader and a #9 custom painted Spring Valley Special II Rapala.  The way the fishing has been I was confident he would get at least one.  After some quick instructions on what to do and what not to do I just let him fish and figure out the rest on his own.  While I was getting set up he had a hit, unfortunately the fish got away as I was talking him through what to do.  Shortly after that I boated our 2nd, 3rd and 4th fish of the night.  Kyle was amazed at the speed we were catching fish and then it happened, he got snagged.  He tried to force it and I told him to just throw the wire backwards to take the pressure off.  I pulled my lines up and then just had him hand his wire to me.  A quick throw and he was free.  I felt the familiar shake at the end so I just handed it all back to him and told him to being his fish in.  He gave me a puzzled look and I told him again to bring in his fish.  About 30 seconds later his first walleye handlining was in the boat.  I jokingly told him that there is an easier to catch them other than by getting hung up.  After that we went back to the task at hand and finished up our 2 man limit in the next half hour.  All that was left to do now was head home and clean fish, which was his next lesson.  Filleting and zipping walleye, after I bled them out first.  I’d say he learned a lot tonight.  Of course he can’t wait to go out again.

FYI…water is very clear now.  I’m back to starting after dark again.  The 70-80 degree days coming up are probably going to be the start of the “Other Fish” invasion.  I can’t wait. NOT!  I really shouldn’t complain though.  This has probably been the best and easiest April fishing I have ever had.  Five trips, easy limits each time and I probably landed over 40 walleye in about 5 total hours of fishing.

5/10/13 TC Walleye Report

11 05 2013

(Sing to the tune, Silver Bells)

Silver Bass,

Silver Bass,

It’s Silver time on the river.

Hear Mark Scream,


Soon he will lose his Freakin’ mind……..

Yeah it’s that time again.  The annual invasion.  I generally don’t go out that much when the horde is in but I had a really crappy week and I needed a break.  I figured I would wait until just before dark and hope that the fresh water piranha would shut down.  I ended up hitting the river around 8 and instead of going to my usual starting point I headed north for a bit.  I though I would jig for awhile and just play around for a bit.  After about a dozen or so Silvers I figured it was late enough to start pulling wire.  Ehhhhhh…..Bad Idea.

I headed down stream and set up just south of the Catamaran.  I was going to run a pair of Nite Stalkers on my 40 and 20 leads.  It was 8:30 and getting dark fast so I thought I was ok.  Once the weight hit the bottom I found out just how wrong I was.  Not only were they in thick but the NW wind made boat control darn near impossible.  After 20 minutes of fighting the wind and fish I was seriously debating calling it quits.  I didn’t want to go home empty handed so I decided to stick it out.  About 45 minutes and roughly 2 million Silver Bass later I finally caught a walleye, it was quickly followed up by another and things were looking up.  The Silvers had slowed way down and the fish I was looking for were hungry.  I ended up catching 2 more before 10:30 pm rolled around giving me 4.  I was hoping I would get 1 more but the Silver Bass had other ideas.  They decided it was time to eat again.  Fifteen minutes of non stop Silver action was more than I could take and I headed home.

Just like the other night, 4 was good enough for me.

Now for the specifics.  Water was clear and the surface temp was 59 degrees.  NW wind never laid down so boat control was very difficult.  The wind kept pushing me downstream.  I need to get more weight in the front of my boat and maybe a drift sock to help keep the bow in place.

Either that or I stay home on nights with 20 mph NW winds.

I'm really starting to like these Nite Stalkers.

I’m really starting to like these Nite Stalkers.

Thought for the day.

5 02 2013

The other day I was browsing through a forum and the topic of the day was “what is the most productive jig color”.  Normally I ignore these kinds of topics because I am not much of a jig fishermen.  On the rare occassion I do jig I use whatever color is handiest in the weight I want.  Some people might consider this sacreligious but there is a method to my selection.

When jigging the Detroit River a boat is drfiting downstream along with the current.  The fisherman is doing the same thing with his jig/body combination drifting along at the same speed as the boat (providing boat control is properly maintained).  The jig/body acts like a weather vane in the water with the head of the jig upstream and the tail end of the body pointing downstream.  The walleye are sitting on the bottom facing upstream waiting for lunch to drift by.  Guess what the walleye sees first?  That’s right, the tail end of the body, not the jig head.  Depending on the size of the jig and body the walleye may not even see the jig head at all.  Also, the window of opportunity for a walleye to grab a lure drifting by in the current is so small he/she really doesn’t have a lot of time to decide if it is edible.  It’s either grab or or let it go.  Does the marble size brain of a walleye really have the time or ability to process to eat or not to eat something because the smallest part of the presentation is a specific color?  I don’t think so. 

I know people will swear up and down that my “antifreeze” color jig will out produce everyone on my boat any day of the week.  That my be true but was it the color of the jig or the size, action, speed, depth or location of the antifreeze jig that caused the strikes? 

Too many fishermen conveniently forget those details.

St. Patrick’s Day Walleye

17 03 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 3/17/12 (St. Patrick’s Day) 5:30 pm
Water Temp: 45 degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Weather: 70 degrees and sunshine
Wind: Light SE wind
Water Depth: 10 feet
Presentation: Jigging
Lures: Brown Wyandotte Worm, 5/8 ounce jig

Notes: Not a lot of action today. Water was so clear I decided to jig at first. Caught the one fish and lost the jig shortly afterwards. Pulled wire until dark without a hit.  Ended up with one 19 inch 2 1/2 pound male.  Read a report about a 14 pounder being caught in the channel earlier this week.  Also heard about a fair number of fish being caught up near the Ren Cen.  While I was out I talked to my friend Sparky and he told me he only got one this morning.  Still a little early but I have never caught a walleye on St. Patrick’s day before.

I’ll give it another shot next weekend.