4/25/18 Walleye

26 04 2018

This is getting ridiculous.  I know last year I said the 2018 fishing was going to be phenomenal but this is nuts.  3 trips, 3 limits and I have yet to fish past sunset.  Last night was no different.  I started at 7:45 pm in the same area, with the same 3 lures, and by 8:15 I was done.  Water is clearing up, about 2 feet of visibility.  Not very many boats out tonight but the one handliner I talked to had his 5 and was headed in.  Hope this lasts another week or so.  Forecast is for temps near 80 next week and once that starts it won’t be long before those other things show up.

Wish I had more to write about but it’s been pretty straight forward fishing.  Go out, catch fish, come in.  Not out there long enough to see anything or make any observations.  No guess work, just drop lines and have at it.  I did see a Common Loon as I was headed back in.  Apparently he heard about how good the fishing was as well.


April Fools Day Walleye

1 04 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 4/1/12 7:30 am to 9:30 am
Water Temp: 42 degrees
Water Clarity: Dirty
Weather: Overcast
Wind: SW and light
Water Depth: 12 feet
Presentation: Handlining 40/20/6
Lures: #11 GFR, #11 Chartreuse, #9 Pink Lemonade

Notes: In the immortal words of The Standells…..Love That Dirty Water !! I ended up keeping 5 walleye and releasing 4. I also lost a beast just below the boat. Just as the fish was getting close to the boat the lure came free.

I lost two other fish bouncing them off the side of the boat as I was trying to flip them in. In each case I was getting bounced around by the waves so much I couldn’t flip them over the side. At one point I had two bass boats coming right at me as I was bringing a fish in. Thought for sure I was going to lose that one but he was hooked good.

Kind of a strange set up today, still did my usual 40/20/6 set up but this time I caught half of my fish on the kicker. Usually this doesn’t happen until the summer but I’m not going to complain. Might be that fancy custom lure I was using. Need to see about getting some more of those.

On my way back in I stopped to take a picture of a loon that was fishing just south of the free bridge. He must have been taking a break for breakfast before he continued north.

Ended up catching 9 fish, lost 3 and I also had a few head shakes that never really got hooked. The 5 I kept were from 20 to 21.5 inches for a combined weight of 13 pounds and 11 ounces.

Wonder if I could catch Bull Sharks handlining?