The Winter of our Discontent.

22 02 2014

What does one do during the winter of our discontent?  Tie more flies of course, and watch Season 1 of Sherlock.

A Roku box is a neat little gadget.

While Sherlock was doing his thing I found another you tube video about tying a simple may fly nymph.  I like simple and an easy tie while I watch a little tele (British influence coming through).  A lot of the modern fly patterns are really getting fancy.  Crazy synthetic materials that make the fly look more realistic but they also increase the tying time.  Not my cup of tea (there it goes again).

I needed to add a few different colors and some variety to my nymph box.  A quick search and I found a pattern I liked. has turned out to be a great source of instructional videos for just about any pattern I want.  The latest one is a simple may fly pattern.  Some pheasant tail, pale dubbing, fine copper wire, tungsten bead and about 5 minutes later another fly in the box.

may fly nymph

Time to get started on the dry flies.  Where to start?

Wonder how many patterns I can find on you tube?