Memorial Fins and Feathers weekend, minus the Feathers.

30 05 2017

As in life, things don’t always go as planned.  Originally, my Memorial Day weekend was supposed to be 3 days of fishing and turkey hunting.  Due to weather, water conditions and other circumstances beyond my control all I got to do was fish for walleye Friday night.  Even that trip didn’t go as planned, actually the results were not what I figured they would be.

I left the house Friday night around 9:00 pm.  With the blankity blank run still going on I wasn’t even going to try until after dark.  I was planning on running pencil plugs as well with the hope of keeping the blankity blank catch rate to a minimum.  With that in mind I started fishing around 9:30 and shortly afterwards it began.

1,2,3,4,5,6, Hey look….a walleye, 7,8,9, Oh cool, another walleye, a third walleye….we’re cookin’ now 10,11,12,Dink,13,14,15, well at least I’m not catching them two at a time, 17,18,20,21, another walleye, I should just quit now, 22,23,24,26, that’s it, I’m done, time to pull lines.  Holy Crap, number 5, the streak continues.

That was the night in a nutshell.  I got my 5 walleye and the blankity blanks were just active enough to annoy me but not so bad that they drove me off the river.  Around 2 dozen of them in 2 ½ hours of fishing isn’t bad but when I am walleye fishing that is all I want to catch, walleye.  What I was really expecting was a lot of undersized walleye.  I had heard reports about fishermen catching 30 and 40 undersized walleye in order to get a limit of 5.  I didn’t want to deal with that along with the blankity blanks.  The longer the lures are out of the water, releasing unintentional catches, the less time they are in the water trying to catch the targeted species.  This was another reason why I was running pencil plugs.  I was hoping the bigger bait and lack of action would keep the blankity blanks and the undersized fish at bay.  It worked to some degree but it also created a headache.  One of the drawbacks with a pencil plug is that when a blankity blank grabs it the extra hooks catch the fish in odd places.  That creates a tendency for them to come in sideways and pinwheel, which leads to tangled leaders.  I got brave at first and ran 3 leaders but once I realized that the blankity blanks were not going to leave it alone I ditched my kicker to cut down on the tangles.

There were about 6 other boats out fishing tonight as well.  Most of them were south of me but one stayed in my area for a good part of the evening.  At one time they got close enough and I could see that they were bring in blankity blanks two at a time.  I was able to see what they were using for lures, #9 Clown Rapalas.  That’s as bad as wearing a Vote Hillary 2016 t-shirt at an NRA convention.  You’re just asking for trouble.  As the night progressed the other boats thinned out and by 11:00 pm I was the only one out.  By 11:30 I had 4 in the box and was debating just heading in.  I had to get up early the next morning and I needed some sleep.  I decided to stick it out to 12 and then go in no matter what.  I pointed my boat towards the Edison warm water discharge, figuring I would make my last run through there.  After I made my pass I started to pull lines.  I put my 40 foot lead over my right shoulder as I pulled my 20 and started to wrap it on my spool.  As I was bringing it in my reel started unwinding and my 40 foot lead started heading back off the stern of my boat.  At first I thought the line got hung up in my prop but that wasn’t possible.  The lure was 40 feet back, on the surface and probably only 10 feet of line in the water.  I dropped my spool and placed my foot on it to keep it from falling over.  I grabbed hold of my 40 foot lead and to my surprise I could feel that slow head shake and weight of a walleye.  I minute later and he was in the cooler and I went back to putting everything away.  10 feet of water and that walleye came up and grabbed the lure off the surface.  Sometimes it pays to be lucky.

So that was the beginning of my 3-day weekend.  One I had originally hoped would be full of fishing and some hunting but it didn’t work out that way.  I was fortunate to catch a limit of good sized fish.  I was expecting a lot of throwbacks and maybe a couple of just barely 15 inchers.  Instead I was able to keep my walleye limit streak intact for 2017.  I’ll probably try again Friday or Saturday this coming weekend.  At night.  With Pencil Plugs.  Unless the blankity blanks have left, which I highly doubt.


6/8/12 Trenton Channel

9 06 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 06/08/12 9:15 to 12:15
Water Temp: 65 Degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Weather: Clear
Wind: Calm
Water Depth: 13 feet
Presentation: Handlining 40/20/6
Lures: #11 Bleeding Chartreuse, #9 Blue & Silver, Metallic Blue Spoon

Well I thought I would go out tonight and see if the Silver Bass were still around. Much to my dismay they still are. I took me almost 20 minutes to get all my lines set and down. Every time I threw a lure out a Silver would grab it off the surface. Eventually I was able to get everything set and start fishing.  The Silver Bass really never did slow down. I would go for a couple of minutes without catching one but it never lasted long. The majority of them were really small as well. Most around 10 inches and even smaller. It’s been over a month now, they should be heading back out into Lake Erie any time.

Around 9:45 pm I caught my first walleye, a nice 23 inch male. I caught him on my kicker lead with a metallic blue spoon. In the next 30 minutes I picked up two more. I tried to stay in the area but I kept losing track of where I was as I was fighting the Silver Bass. I was determined to get a fourth so I kept at it for a few more hours. It was a clear calm night and I was in no big hurry to head in. Around midnight the Silvers really started biting again and I just gave up.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much. I did catch 3 walleye and all it cost me was a little gas. I didn’t have to pay to launch and I didn’t lose any lures. I didn’t get rained on or run off the river by lightning either. No bugs, except for the few mayflies that were on my Jeep back at the launch area.  Better times are ahead, the Silver Bass won’t stick around forever.  Then it will be the Smallmouth Bass.

The only 3 walleye in the river that are faster then the Silver Bass

Weeds, Bugs, White Bass and Walleye

29 05 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 05/28/12 9:45 pm to 11:00 pm
Water Temp: 67 degrees
Water Clarity: Don’t know….it was dark out
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Wind: SW 5 to 10 mph
Water Depth: 13 feet
Presentation: Handlining 40/20
Lures: #11 Bleeding Chartreuse

It had been almost a month since the last time I pulled wire. The worst White Bass invasion I can remember has done a good job of keeping me off the water. All I have been hearing is fishermen catching more white bass than anything else. Even out in Lake Erie people are reporting that you need to take twice as many crawlers as necessary because of all the white bass and white perch. I figured I would give it a shot tonight and see what happens. I purposely waited until after dark hoping that would keep the undesirables at bay. It helped but the white bass were still around. I was catching most of them on my kicker with a #9 Rap so after the 6th one the kicker got chucked into the bucket. That slowed down my white bass catch but tonight I had other problems to deal with. Tonight it was weeds, bugs and eventually lightning that made my night a challenge.

When I first started out there wasn’t much of a breeze. This was welcome since I had been watching SW winds over 20 mph all day long. Since there was no breeze this kept the bugs all around my stern light. Eventually a breeze did pick up and it kept the bugs at bay. I wish the breeze would have pushed the weeds out as well. The floating weeds kept me working to clear lines more than I was fishing. I should have known this would be a problem with all the holiday weekend boat traffic. I decided to tough it out for a while anyways. I had the next morning off so I could stay out as long as I wanted. Mother Nature had other ideas though. Shortly after I picked up my first walleye the lightning started to fire up off to the west. A quick check of the radar on my I Phone and I could see storms developing from Monroe all the way up to Detroit. Time to get off the water since aluminum boats and lightning don’t mix.

I did manage to pick up one walleye and it is evident that the white bass are starting to thin out. Temps are supposed to drop back down into the 60’s by the weekend so that should keep the weekend boaters off the water. I will give it another try then.

Only walleye of the night. I doubt I was going to lose him, all 3 hooks in the mouth and he hit it sideways.