Rainbow Walleye 6/22/12

23 06 2012

I really have to wonder about weather forecasts sometimes. I checked before I left and one site said a north wind at 7 mph. Another one called for a south wind at 10 mph. Turns out they were both right. When I launched the boat at 7:30 pm the wind was straight out of the south. Not my favorite direction but it wasn’t too bad. I set up in my usual spot with the same 3 lures I used the last time. Fellow DWF member Steve Schoonover was out here and fishing just north of me. It didn’t take long and I had two in the boat. As I was getting my lines back in the water the wind suddenly changed direction and came straight out of the north. There was one big cloud above me but it didn’t look that ominous. The wind started to pick up in speed and it started to rain. It wasn’t much but they were big ole fat Forrest Gump raindrops. It didn’t last long but the wind continued to build and soon boat control became difficult. I had picked up a third one so I wasn’t about to give up just yet. Besides, a rainbow had appeared and according to Noah and the Bible that is a promise of better times. I was right, caught the last two as the clouds passed and I was pulling lines.

Steve Schoonover fishing under the Rainbow

Before I left I pulled up alongside of Steve to see how he was doing. He is just getting started on handlining so I wanted to make sure he was catching fish. Fishing is great but catching is better. He had one throwback and after a brief chat about his set up I gave him a shorter and lighter weight to try. Hopefully that got his spoons in the strike zone. I’m still waiting to hear back from him on how he did.
I talked to Dave Fitch as well. He was out there with his boys and they had one so far. There was one other boat out tonight, an elderly gentleman in a green Lund. He trolled by me at one point and he looked like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. He had a lit pipe hanging out the left side of his mouth and he was wearing an old tattered hat. Don’t know if he caught anything but he made for an all American portrait. Wish I would have taken one.
Final tally was 5 dish rags for just over an hour of fishing. I called the walleye this because that is what they fought like, wet dish rags. No pulling, no head shakes, just dead weight. Now walleye are not known for their fighting ability but this was ridiculous. It was like they would just grab the lure and say “Oh it’s Mark, I give up “and just let me drag them in. Of course when they hit the cooler they came to life but it was too late by then.
Couple of side notes for tonight. Caught my last rag on the orange and black spoon at the bottom of the picture. I own close to 800 spoons and that is the only one I have in that pattern. Of course that means I am going to lose it soon. For now though I have one more trip in the books and I still haven’t lost a lure. Of course that will probably change tonight when I take my Dad out.

The 5 Lazy Wet Dish Rags

All wrapped and ready to go for the next trip.

My friend Jerry Hinton told me of this neat little trick he does when storing his leaders. He keeps the spoons attached and winds them all up together. This really works slick, especially with a YoYo handline reel. I can pull off all 3 leaders and be set up in fishing in under a minute. No more digging around in the spoon box to pull lures first. They are already there. I am a creature of habit anyways so using the same lures from the last trip doesn’t bother me.