Van Etten Lake Panfish 7/28/14

4 08 2014

My first morning in Oscoda was going to be spent on Van Etten lake with my Dad and his neighbor Dennis.  They have been doing rather well on the panfish and perch and I was hoping that would continue.  Since I can’t put salmon in the freezer I am hoping to replace it with some panfish and perch.  We hit the water around 9:30 am and headed for the east side of the lake to a weedy are in about 7 feet of water.  We had a brisk wind out of the north so I was going to stick to using leaf worms instead of my fly rod.  My Dad and Dennis were going to use leaf worms as well on snelled hooks and crappie rigs.  I was using a small jig below a slip bobber set at about 5 feet.  Once we got the anchors set we dropped lines and quickly started to catch fish.  We continued to pick away at them for the next few hours.  We really didn’t move around to much unless the anchor lost it’s hold and the wind pushed us south.  After about 4 hours things were starting to slow down so we packed it in.  We ended up with 22 panfish and 74 perch.  Not to bad and the best part is that I didn’t have to clean them.  Wellman’s, the local bait shop, cleans fish for 4 bucks a pound.  I’ll pay that all day long to keep from having to scale and clean that many fish.

Panfish Haul Sunfish 2 Sunfish 3