Bass, Bass and More Bass. 9-1-12

3 09 2012

Normally I am not a superstitious person, but when a black cat ran out in front of me as I was headed to the ramp Saturday morning I should have taken it as a sign. It was a beautiful morning so I had no reason to think it was going to turn out as badly as it did. I arrived at the ramp at 6:00 am and quickly launched my boat. I still had an hour until sunrise so I put on the body baits and one pencil plug. I could make out a few weeds on the surface but nothing to bad too worry about. Fishing was slow at first with nothing except a few under sized Smallmouth Bass to show for my efforts. Once the sun came up I switched over too spoons and got ready for action. Problem was the action I was waiting for was not what I wanted.

Shortly after sunrise I felt a very light hit and it turned out to be a 3 inch bass. This is not un-common. These are fish from this year’s hatch which from all indications looks like a good one. That’s great for my bass fishing friends but I was looking for the toothy critters that like to eat them. For the next hour all I caught were under sized bass. I was averaging one about every five minutes. I was getting ready to change tactics up a bit when something hit me in the leg. I looked down and there was green stuff on my right thigh and on the seat of my boat. Sure enough, a bird crapped on me as he flew overhead. I just shook my head and cleaned up the mess. I switched out some spoon colors and styles and continued my run towards the stacks. As I was getting closer I noticed something running back and forth along the bank. I thought it was a muskrat at first but when I got closer I realized it was a mink. I watched him bop around for about a minute and just as I was making my turn I had another fish on. This one turned out to be a walleye but he was exactly 15 inches long so I tossed him back. The way things were going this morning I wasn’t expecting much more and I didn’t feel like cleaning one small fish. Shortly after I set lines again I had another light hit and as expected it was another 3 inch bass. It turned out to be a triple with a 3 inch bass on each lure. As I was releasing the fish off the short leads I noticed a Ring Bill Gull hovering behind me. He had seen the other bass on my 40 foot lead and was trying to get a quick meal. Just as I got my hand on the leader he swooped down and grabbed him. Fortunately from him and me all he got was the bass. I didn’t feel like trying to un-hook a gull today.

Once I got all my lines in I took off downstream to try some deeper water. Same results as my first spot but at least I did catch a legal bass, an 18 incher. After a quick pic I tossed him back in the water. By now it was 9:00 am so I decided to make a run farther upstream and try the channel by the Rotary Park ramp. I set up in the channel in 25 feet of water. I fished until about 9:30 am with still no walleye. I pulled lines for the final time and just headed home. I had stuff to do around the house so it was time to cut my losses and try another day.

Conditions this morning weren’t bad. Water is still clear but the weeds were a bit of a problem. Surface temps have been stable at around 75 degrees the last few trips. Won’t be too much longer and it will start to cool down more. That will make me and a bunch of perch fishermen very happy. Final tally for the day was one barely legal walleye and about 3 dozen Smallmouth Bass. At least I didn’t get skunked.


Sort of.

I need to go check my boat for a banana.