Last Day of June Report

1 07 2013

While I was down at the range a friend of mine texted me to see if I had been out fishing lately.  Because of weather, work and family obligations it had been a few weeks so I told him unfortunately no.  He said he hadn’t been out in awhile either and was thinking about giving it a shot.  My reply was “7:00 pm my house, be there”.  He was.

We hit the water around 8:00 pm and set our lines.  I was running 2 spoons and a #9 SVSII Rapala.  Chris was running two spoons as well.  Not much happened for the first 15 minutes until I had a hit.  It seemed promising at first but after a few seconds I realized it was a smallmouth.  A few minutes later Chris had a hit but after we heard that tell tale splash behind the boat we both knew he hooked into a smallmouth as well.  Both fish were released unharmed and none the worse for wear.  A few more minutes passed and then it happened.  Chris hooked in to another fish and it was one of those Blankity, Blank, Blank, Blank Bass.  Someone forgot to send this guy the memo that the run was over and that he and the other 5 we ended up catching were supposed to return to Lake Erie.  They are supposed to be out there in massive schools annoying the snot out of the planer board brigade. 

Eventually we did get into the walleye.  We fished until 10:00 pm and ended up with 7 walleye, lost two, a few extra smallies and no lost equipment.  I also had my first double of the year.  Chris ended up catching 2 on a Riley Special.  I caught my 5 on a limeade spoon and an orange and black spoon I picked up earlier this year.  I posted a picture of it on a post a few months back asking the question “Which one will be the big producer this year?”. SO far it looks very promising for this spoon.   The Smallies really liked the SVSII Rapala. 

Sorry, no pictures.  Iphone battery was dead and I temporarily misplaced my other camera.  Next time, which will be soon.  Water clarity is great and very few weeds.  Mayfly hatch is in full swing so there were a lot of casings on the water but mostly on the west shoreline.  All the fish came in the middle of the river just north of the Cat.  Speed on my L/R tack was around 1.5.  Only picked up one fish making a starboard to port turn.

It’s On Like Donkey Kong now guys.