Weekly Fix

22 01 2012

I am a tackle shop junkie. I am forever going into tackle shops just to poke around and see if they have some discontinued lure I just can’t live without. I know, it’s an obsession. Even Rich, the owner of my favorite shop Andy’s Tackle Land, calls my visits my weekly fix. I go to the same part of the store every time, right to the hand lining spoons and buy my usual 10 at a time.

Weekly 10

I know that I have said that I keep an inventory of all my lures so that I don’t go out and buy ones I already have but when it comes to these spoons all bets are off.  They are known as “Spikes Spoons” and only one man makes them.  Unfortunately he is over 90 years old and his production is winding down.  As far as I know no one else is making them so when they are all sold that’s it.  For that reason I will buy every one I can find.  What makes them so unique and desirable is the fact they are cheap and light and perfect for pulling wire in the Trenton Channel.  Oh they can be used in other areas (hooked into a couple of Steelhead one summer in Erieau) but the river is where they shine.  So I keep stocking up, especially during these cold winter days when nothing else is going on.

Care to guess how many are in this box?

Until next week………