Gun Shows

19 02 2012

Spent the weekend running the admission table at my friends Dean & Barry’s gun show. They call it a Sporting Collectables show but for all intent and purpose it is a gun and knife show.  These shows used to be very popular but for awhile the ones in my area were turning into Militia/ Government Conspiracy shows.  My friends have been hosting these shows for a few years now and have been building up quite a following.  This last show had 130 tables of vendors and over 850 people through the door.  It can be a lot of fun for me because I get to talk to a lot of people and some of them have some pretty interesting stories.  Of course there are a few that I wish would never come but you can’t have everything.  Since I am helping out I get first crack at a lot of items.  Not too many guys selling fishing stuff at this one but I have really cleaned up on some good deals at past shows.  There is another show next month and that will be the last one until August.  That works for me because walleye fishing will be starting up pretty soon and I won’t have time to sit and collect money.

Set up for another weekend

Next week…..Outdoorama