Therapy Walleye 6/20/12

20 06 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 7:30 am to 9:30 am
Water Temp: 71 Degrees
Water Clarity: Still Stupid Clear
Weather: Hot, Hot and more Hot
Wind: S light at first but stronger as the day wore on
Water Depth: 13 feet
Presentation: Handlining 40/20/6
Lures: Metallic Blue Spoon, Riley Special

There is nothing quite as therapeutic as fishing. I don’t care how bad life may be, one trip on the river cures any depression or turmoil in one’s life.

Work and life in general was really beginning to take a toll on me lately so I decided to take a day off. Originally I was just going to leave early so I could take my daughter to a doctor’s appointment. After checking to see how many vacation days I had left I just decided to take the day off. I needed a break and this day was just as good as any other. I wanted to get up earlier and get on the river at sunrise but I overslept. No big deal, the walleye weren’t going anywhere. I launched the boat at 7:30 am and a few minutes later I had my first fish in the cooler. I picked up 3 more in the next hour but once that sun cleared Grosse Isle the fish shut down. I switched out spoons and tried different locations but by 9:30 it was getting too hot and I pulled lines. I had to pick my daughter up by noon anyways so I needed time to clean fish, shower and pick up a new license plate bracket for my trailer. I noticed that it was barely hanging on the trailer, one good bump and it would have been gone. I stopped at Vicar’s Trailer and picked up a metal bracket instead of the cheap plastic one that came with the trailer. Anyone reading this that has a boat trailer may want to go check their trailer plate as well. A replacement plate only costs 5 bucks but who wants to spend time at the Secretary of State office?

So I ended up catching 4 more walleye this morning and just like I said would happen I lost my first fish for the month. As I was flipping one in the line slipped through my fingers and back into the water he went. No big deal, I think he would have been too small to keep anyways. Everything came on my short leads. I couldn’t get anything going on my 40 foot lead. I must have tried a half a dozen different spoons but I didn’t catch a thing. Only other boat handlining today was up south of the free bridge in 24 feet of water. I watched him for a bit and he just kept motoring up stream. Don’t know if he caught anything or not but he covered a lot of water. There were a few remnants of the tri-hull navy fishing the Edison discharge for the few remaining Silver Bass that have yet to return to Lake Erie.

Couple of side note items for today. A bald Eagle swooped in on me as I was bringing in a smallmouth. He must have seen it splashing on the surface as I was bringing it in. That could have been interesting if he grabbed it. I also started wearing a glove on my left hand to cut down on the cuts and scrapes from the fish. It’s just a brown jersey glove but it seems to help. I just have to remember to take it off before I stick my hand in the cooler to grab something to drink.

A front is supposed to come in tomorrow and start to cool things off a bit for the weekend. Hopefully it does and the guys fishing the DWF tournament this weekend won’t fry out on Lake Erie.

Still haven’t lost a lure.

The best kind of therapy for what ails you…..walleye in the box.