Windy Day Walleye 9/11/12

12 09 2012

I had been watching the weather forecast all day, hoping that the SW wind was going to die down. I was supposed to take Dan out tonight and it wasn’t looking good. A 10-15 mph SW wind usually isn’t bad except when I am trying to fish the south end of the river. With the wind pushing against the current it can get rather bumpy. The forecast said it was supposed to die down after dark to less than 10 mph which isn’t bad. Unfortunately it never did, guess that’s why it is called a forecast and not an actual.

Dan and I hit the water just after 7:00 pm. I saw Richard out in his boat so I decided to make a few circles around him to add a few mores waves. I did this to Dan a few weeks ago and I didn’t want to think I only pick on him. We pulled up a long side of Richard to see how he and Mark were doing. They had just started and he threw me a lure he wanted me to try. He is playing around with painting his own lures so he wanted my “expert” opinion on it. We pulled away and got set up. We had about a 1 foot chop on the water and setting up was a little difficult. I put Richards freshly painted lure on my long lead along with a #7 CCT and a #7 Green Holographic Rapala. I don’t know what Dan used, I was busy trying to keep the boat heading north.

It didn’t take long and I had a walleye on. When I got him up to the side of the boat I could see he was barley hooked and with one more shake of the head he was gone. With a strong SW wind the boat bounces around more and the speed varies a lot. I think this causes a lot of short strikes and fish that are barely hooked. I told this to Dan and said we were probably going to lose a fair number of fish tonight. A few minutes later Dan had a walleye on and he was able to get it into the boat. It was barely hooked as well and undersized. Dan tossed him back and soon we were back at it. For the next few hours we picked away at the fish. It was slow going but we were putting fish in the cooler. Dan started to switch out lures and I handed him one of my #7 CCT’s. He had been having a rough night with snags and all he had to show so far was one under sized walleye. He also lowered his top lead down a few notches and got back to fishing. About 10 minutes later he landed his first keeper for the night. It came on the CCT and the lead he adjusted down. It’s hard to say what was the determining factor but he had a fish in the cooler and that’s what counts the most.

All good things must end though and it was time for us to head in. We both had to work the next day and neither one of us got any sleep the night before. We had 5 in the cooler, tossed a couple back and lost 2 as well. Not bad considering we had to deal with a 10 to 15 mph SW wind all night. Surface temps were down to 71 degrees and the water was still clear. Another front is expected for the weekend and that should lower the temps some more. As for Richards lure, well I like the paint scheme but the lure didn’t float. It kept tangling up with my second leader. This is why the larger more buoyant lures always go on the top leader. Keep the ones below it from rising up and tangling. Needless to say it didn’t stay on long.



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