3/30/12 Fishing Report

30 03 2012

Location: 11 Bouy
Date/Time: 3/30/12 8:00 am to 10:45 am
Water Temp: 45 Degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Weather: Overcast and cold
Wind: SE 10-15 mph
Water Depth: 25 Feet
Presentation: Jigging
Lures: Brown Wyandotte Worm 5/8 ounce jig

Notes: Well we tried again this morning. Started off down in the channel where the only thing we caught was Jimmy Hoffa’s fishing rod. Wind made boat control difficult and it also made us very cold. After a couple of drifts on both sides of the river I decided to head upstream and avoid the wind. Started our drift at the 13 bouy and we ended up catching 2 and losing one down by the 11 bouy. We could see the storm clouds starting to move in so we decided to get off the river. We were cold enough as it is, didn’t need to get wet as well. Ended up with two 22 inch males for a combined weight of 6 pounds 8 ounces. All I have to say is thank God for stinger hooks. Every fish I have caught jigging has been caught on the stinger.

Stinger hooks and wool gloves still don’t mix.

That should be it for my jigging, time to start pulling wire.

3/29/12 Fishing with Dad

29 03 2012

Location: Mid-River, Rouge River to Great Lakes Steel
Date/Time: 03/29/12, 7:00 am to 9:30 am
Water Temp: 47 Degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Weather: Cold and Overcast
Wind: NE wind 10 to 15 mph
Water Depth: 40 feet
Presentation: Jigging
Lures: ¾ ounce jig Wyandotte worms, Brown and Chartreuse

Notes: Well Dad decided to come down for a few days of fishing. Of course once he got here the weather did a drastic turn around. A week ago I was fishing in a t-shirt and today we about froze out butts off. I have to keep reminding myself that any fish I catch now are a bonus. Normally I don’t even start catching any walleye until mid April. We still had to give it a shot, my Dad didn’t drive down from Oscoda to sleep in. Unfortunately the weather and the walleye didn’t really cooperate. We did pick up two males 20 and 22 inches long for a combined weight of 6 pounds. At least we have fish for dinner on Friday night.

We would try handlining tonight but I have a handlining seminar I have to give. So instead of fishing I am going to spend the evening teaching other people how to fish. Besides I think my Dad wants to show off the two Schaller Reels he cleaned up. They really did come out nice.

Oh well…..there’s always tomorrow, rain permitting.

3/24/12 Fishing Report

25 03 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 03/24/12 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Water Temp: 51 degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Weather: Overcast
Wind: SW 5 mph
Water Depth: 12 feet
Presentation: Handlining, 40/20/6
Lures: #11 Chartreuse, #9 Hot Steel Rapala’s

Notes: What a difference from last year. A year ago I couldn’t even get out on the water because of all the ice. Now I’m afraid that I will be catching the fish that shall not be named before the month is over. People are catching spawned out females and soon the lilacs will be blooming. This warm up is nice but I’m afraid of what it might do for the summer fishing. Weeds and Algae blooms could be horrendous this year.

Have to remain optimistic though, I’m catching fish earlier than normal and I haven’t had any problems. Tonight’s catch came in the middle of the river between the Stacks and the busted up boat house. One on the kicker and the other two on my 40 foot lead. 20.5, 22 and 24 inches long for a combined weight 10 pound 4 ounces. The big one hit twice. I felt a hit and then the familiar head shake and then nothing. I quickly threw my line back and he hit it again. The second time around he was hooked up and a few seconds later in the boat. I love it when that little trick works.

I’ll be at it again later next week. My dad is coming down for a few days to go fishing. He retired and moved up north to Oscoda so he can go fishing all the time. Now the only time he goes walleye fishing is when he comes down to visit me.

St. Patrick’s Day Walleye

17 03 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 3/17/12 (St. Patrick’s Day) 5:30 pm
Water Temp: 45 degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Weather: 70 degrees and sunshine
Wind: Light SE wind
Water Depth: 10 feet
Presentation: Jigging
Lures: Brown Wyandotte Worm, 5/8 ounce jig

Notes: Not a lot of action today. Water was so clear I decided to jig at first. Caught the one fish and lost the jig shortly afterwards. Pulled wire until dark without a hit.  Ended up with one 19 inch 2 1/2 pound male.  Read a report about a 14 pounder being caught in the channel earlier this week.  Also heard about a fair number of fish being caught up near the Ren Cen.  While I was out I talked to my friend Sparky and he told me he only got one this morning.  Still a little early but I have never caught a walleye on St. Patrick’s day before.

I’ll give it another shot next weekend.

Midwest Fly Fishing Expo

11 03 2012

Last show. Just in time too because with the way the weather has been going I will be fishing on a regular basis starting next weekend.
I haven’t been to the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in almost 30 years. The last time my Dad and I went we were both in sticker shock at the prices for rods and reels. At the time I was in High School so I didn’t have a whole lot of money. I could not understand why anyone would want to pay over 1,000 dollars for a rod and 300 for a reel to catch a 10 inch Brook Trout. That was all I would catch on my streams near Calumet Michigan so I couldn’t understand the need for something that expensive. I was using my Dad’s Shakespeare Wonder Rod that he used as a kid and it worked just fine for me. Oh well….to each his own.
My Dad and I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived and we were very surprised to see how crowded it was. Wall to wall people from the newest beginner to the seasoned veteran. Rods, reels, waders, clothes, outfitters, clubs, supplies and fly tyer’s…..lots and lots of fly tyer’s. We started weaving our way through the crowds and checked things out. Still a little sticker shock but that was to be expected. Fly Fishing became somewhat of a status sport, kind of like pheasant hunting in England. You will get that in a lot of outdoor sports but it’s nothing that should interfere if you want to try it yourself. Just don’t get sucked in to the belief that you need the best of everything. There are no streams in Michigan like you will see in “A River Runs Through It.” I was there today to just poke around and to pick up a few fly tying supplies. I wanted to experiment with making my own foam flies so I needed to pick up some foam sheets. I found what I needed and spent the next hour checking out the different fly patterns that people were tying. Fly patterns have come a long way since I tied my first Adam’s. Some of them are more works of art then something to catch fish. I just wish I would have remembered to bring my camera.
The Michigan Fly Fishing Club does a really great job putting this show together. If you want to try fly fishing I would suggest going to this show when it comes around again. Lots of information for the beginner and for someone who has been at it awhile. They even had a few seminars and a casting pond to teach people how to fly cast. Just be patient and keep in mind what you hope to accomplish. If all you are going to do is cast for panfish on some pond you can go really basic. One hundred pound tarpon on the salt water flats……..that’s a different story.


Quiet Water Symposium

4 03 2012

The best laid plans of mice and men…..ever hear that phrase before? It comes to mind every time I have something planned and it doesn’t happen. This time it was for The Quiet Water Symposium I was supposed to attend. Unfortunately work, kids and other responsibilities come up and plans fall apart. I would have liked to have gone but at the same time I am not going to lose any sleep over it. A year ago I didn’t even know this show existed. As I sit here and type I’m still trying to remember how I ever found out about it. This show doesn’t have all the pomp and circumstance of some of the bigger shows but that really wouldn’t work for this one.

The Quiet Water Symposium is a show about quiet, clear flowing streams and experiencing all that nature has to offer from a canoe or kayak. A couple of years ago I would have never cared but since I picked up a couple of recreational kayaks I have a new found appreciation for quiet times on isolated rivers. As much as I like running the Detroit River in my aluminum boat and 20 hp outboard I do enjoy being by myself and floating down the AuSable or Manistee river systems.  It’s hard to describe but the feeling i get catching fish with no one else around is very rewarding.  It might not be like “The Old Man and the Sea” but to me it’s like heaven on earth.

Like the other shows I attend I am there to gather information. When I attended last year my goal was to get as many maps and flyers as I could find about my local streams. I didn’t know it at the time but there is a Huron River Watershed Council that works to promote recreational activities on the Huron. That was my first map along with a list of all their paddle dates. All throughout the summer they sponsor paddling weekends on different sections of the Huron. They coordinate drop-ins and shuttle services during the day along with instructions for the first timers. I never did attend any of the event but the information and maps will come in handy someday.

I talked to a lot of people that day about everything from catching grayling and brook trout to the damage being done by feral hogs. When all was said and done I left with a bag full of flyers and maps for the Huron, Flint and Shiawassee rivers with all the kayak put-ins and take outs. I didn’t get the opportunity to use any of them last summer but hopefully I will this year.

Next week, The Midwest Fly Fishing Expo…….providing the mice and men don’t interfere.